Simplifying College Financial Aid

Our experienced team specializes in all aspects of college financial aid. We are committed to helping families understand college costs and navigate the complex process of applying for aid so that you can make choices that align with your goals.

Why Choose Us

Alison and her team have the experience, in-depth knowledge, and skills to help you understand college costs and how to navigate the complex and nuanced process of applying for financial aid so your family can make college choices that align with your financial profile and educational goals.

Alison Rabil, EdD
Founder and Financial Aid Coach

Alison holds a doctorate in Higher Education from Columbia University.  As a financial aid director for over 30 years, she has been explaining aid to families at top academic institutions including Duke University, Columbia University, Barnard College, and University of Washington.  She firmly believes there is a good college fit for every student and a significant part of that fit is financial.  Alison’s goal is to cut through the confusion so that each family can make their own “right choice.” 

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